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We put emphasis on mediation, negotiation, and arbitration as effective means to reach an acceptable solution for all parties involved.

We understand that each case is unique, and we tailor our representation to your individual needs. We practice in the diverse areas of divorce and family law, wills and estates, and civil litigation.

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Divorce and Family Law

We are your trusted partners for all divorce-related issues, including division of property, custody and child support, and spousal support. Book a free consultation >

Wills and Estates

Don't leave your estate to chance. We provide advice and help you prepare wills, enduring powers of attorney for personal care and property, and personal directives. Book a free consultation >

Civil Litigation

Our lawyers are experienced in family law litigation and have appeared before Alberta’s Provincial Court, the Court of Queen’s Bench, and Court of Appeal. Book a free consultation >

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our lawyers have in depth knowledge of Federal legislation to advise corporations of their legal rights and duties. Book a free consultation. Book a free consultation >

The Power Of Mediation, Negotiation, and Arbitration.

We believe that the people best able to reach decisions are the clients affected by those decisions. We strive for peaceful resolutions and tailor our approach for each client to achieve the best solutions for each family.


Our lawyers, together, have over 23 years of experience negotiating the diverse areas of family law. Our knowledge and experience means you get swift, effective representation.


We don’t believe in prolonging cases when they can be handled expediently. We put our client’s interests first and work quickly to resolve issues that can be painful and difficult for the individuals involved.


As a client, you run the show. As a trusted partner, we advise and provide guidance, but will work with you to ensure a satisfactory result. Someone will always be available when you need an update.


Confidence and discretion are two of the mainstays of our practice. We are known for helping our clients feel at ease while working tirelessly to drive results. We focus on the goal and use every legal strategy at our disposable to get the outcome you desire.

Alison J. Chickloski, Partner

Meet Alison J. Chickloski, Partner

Alison has extensive experience in mediation and negotiation.

She firmly believes that collaboration between lawyers and clients is the best way to reach agreeable solutions for all parties. Her passion and dedication help keep the focus on family, not on placing blame.

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Meet Nicholas J. Van Duyvenbode, Partner

Nicholas is outcome-driven to help clients achieve their goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

His knowledge and expertise in family law and wills and estates make him a highly valued partner, litigator, negotiator, and mediator. Nicholas has several reported decisions and continues to break new ground on precedent-setting cases.

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Nicholas J. Van Duyvenbode, Partner

What Clients Are Saying

  • I found Alison Chickloski to be great in every way, Her firm is courteous and they respond to questions efficiently and promptly. She is great at understanding a clients needs and doing her homework to get the best possible solutions. I plan on using her firm for all future legal needs.
    - BB

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Learn about recent decisions and matters that could impact you and your family.

“In the Best Interests” of the Child- What Does It Really Mean?

“In the Best Interests” of the Child- What Does It Really Mean?

Posted Apr 8th, 2021 in Family Central Law Firm Blog

The best interests test is a highly fact driven analysis, which is why it is important for parents to be aware of the factors listed in Section 16(3) of the Divorce Act. When parents do not agree on their parenting schedule and responsibilities, they need to be prepared to show why the parenting arrangement they are seeking is in the best interest of their children, and not simply what they desire as parents. Given the expansive list contained in Section 16(3), parents need to be mindful tha...

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Separated Spouses and Occupation Rent

Separated Spouses and Occupation Rent

Posted Apr 4th, 2021

Immediately following separation, spouses often experience a transition period where they remain financially intertwined while working to divide their shared property. During this transition period, it is common for one spouse to continue residing in the family home while the other spouse moves out permanently or until a property agreement is finalized. Consequently, one party continues to benefit from living in the family home while the other party often incurs additional rent and living ex...

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Do I really need a lawyer? - The Importance of Independent Legal Advice

Do I really need a lawyer? - The Importance of Independent Legal Advice

Posted Mar 8th, 2021

Clients should understand the immense reluctance for judges or justices in Alberta to alter terms of an Agreement, to either render part or all of the agreement defunct, and leave the parties to the Agreement with uncertainty and further legal discontent.  Where at all possible the judicial review of an Agreement and the insertion of a decision that is counter intuitive to the terms of an Agreement with independent legal advice will be avoided.

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