Fun facts about lawyer Alison J. Chickloski - learn more about our legal family

Fun facts about lawyer Alison J. Chickloski - learn more about our legal family

Alison has been practicing law since 2005 but has been perfecting her turkey stuffing recipe for years before that. Should you ask her, she will tell you that her favorite things in life are her dogs (Chiefu the rescue mutt, Yuki the Shikoku, and Bento the Shiba Inu), Deadmau5 (who she listens to constantly at her desk and may actually be listening to at the moment you read this),  and cooking.  

She spends weeks planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and is known to cook turkeys and ham two or three ways for the dinner along with all the sides (except brussels sprouts which she thinks are nasty). Super Bowl Sunday is celebrated as a culinary holiday of ribs, wings, and finger foods, and after any dinner party she will turn any possible leftover in the fridge into a soup to be enjoyed later.  As well, she is an avid pickler and will annually pickle carrots, beans and cucumbers with her select friends known as the ‘pickle gang’.  Currently, she is growing tomatoes and jalapenos in her garden so that she can make her own salsa this year. 

While she dreams of running away and selling pies on the beach in the tropics, do not worry that she is signing up to MasterChef Canada any time soon.  Monetizing her hobby would take the fun out of it and cooking is best served with good friends and family, the dogs at her feet in the kitchen, all  while listening to Deadmau5.

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