Low Cost Solutions to Conflict – Virtual and E-mediations

Low Cost Solutions to Conflict –  Virtual and E-mediations

As of March 23, 2020, courthouses across Alberta are closed except for matters that have been determined to be emergency matters, which must pass a stringent two part review process before being accepted as a matter that will be heard.

While everyone is being encouraged to stay home and not attend at any place that is considered non-essential, this creates the concern: what about those family law matters that are not deemed to be emergencies?

At Family Central Law office LLP, we truly believe we are ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and being adaptable in uncertain times. All lawyers are equipped with the means to work from their home offices and are able to meet with clients via facetime, phone or Zoom meeting.

This also means that our lawyers are equipped to attend mediations, settlement meetings and arbitrations with opposing counsel virtually without exposing their clients or their staff to unnecessary health risks. Being equipped with this technology as your law firm, ensures that clients can have a mediation or settlement meeting in real time. We understand the importance and connection that is essential when participants can see and hear each other, conduct private caucuses in virtual private rooms, present and share documents, and collaborate on matters so that legal issues move ahead and do not have to be “frozen” as we all adapt to this new reality.

What technology does a client need access to in order to participate?

  • A desktop or laptop computer with microphone and camera (build in standard to laptops now); or 
  • A smartphone (which have built in microphones and cameras and often can be even easier than computers).

Your trusted and experienced arbitrator can also, in kind with a formal court appearance before a Judge, provide interim or final awards in matters regarding family/matrimonial property, child and spousal support, and parenting decision making and times and all ancillary parenting matters that need a decision maker.

For clients who are looking for solutions that avoid waiting for the undetermined timeline that we are faced with as the non-emergency court system remains on hold in Alberta, Family Central Law Office LLP, partner Alison Chickloski is ready to be your trusted and technologically savvy mediator and arbitrator. Alison has already conducted several virtual mediations over the last two weeks and has been helping clients in reaching win-win mediation solutions.

Alison continues to conduct mediations at a reduced flat fee hourly rate of $300.00 per hour, substantially less expensive than many mediators in Calgary right now, backed with the essential legal expertise of being a family lawyer with over 10 years of experience. Please email Alison directly at Alison@familycentrallaw.com, or her assistant Elina@familycentrallaw.com, or contact us at: 587-392-7970, to commence the mediation intake process with Family Central Law Office LLP.

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