Delivering Legal Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Delivering Legal Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are here to support clients and their families through incredibly difficult and unprecedented times in modern day Canada.   Your health and safety is our utmost concern and as such we are adapting the delivery of legal services to ensure that we continue to support clients without the need for in-person meetings which at this time have been postponed until further notice.   
Kindly note that all Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta and Provincial Court of Alberta cases that were not being heard on an emergency basis or were review of emergency matters, have been adjourned sine die (no returnable date for the immediate future).  This also includes deadlines for the filing of court pleadings associated with these upcoming deferred court appearances. 
The Provincial Court of Alberta (Family and Youth Court), will only hear in-person custody matters which have been already scheduled and already require attendance of a party. A party will NOT be allowed to attend in the Calgary courthouse for matters unless meeting the above criteria, which the overwhelming majority of cases fall in the category of having been adjourned sine die (no returnable date for the immediate future).
Please note this may change and hearings may be rescheduled, and the team at Family Central Law will notify you as soon as we hear of any change.   

What are we doing to effectively plan during these challenging times?
The Family Central Law team has mobilized quickly to ensure that delivery of legal services still takes place with the following planning already having been put in place:

  • Lawyers and staff have been set up for remote access and as such work on files, including immediate and urgent deliverables are taking place.    There may be a slowdown in our normal response time on matters (please expect 48-72 hours for a response on matters), but we are working hard on cases and keeping clients updated.
  • When faced with not being able to meet with our clients, we have made a priority on scheduling not just telephone calls, but also ensuring we have the capabilities up and running for video calling (Zoom, Facetime and Skype), which in the coming days will also be expanded to ensure settlement meetings and mediations are able to continue with as little delay as possible. 
We ask everyone to please be safe, take necessary precautions to ensure your wellbeing and your families’ wellbeing.  In the coming weeks we will work very hard to continue to deliver on excellent legal services notwithstanding the need to adapt to these challenging times.

Please continue to contact Alison, Nicholas, Elliot, Brad, Robert and Elina, on your respective files and please keep their respective assistants CC’d on all emails being sent so to ensure the ongoing clear flow of information from and to the members of Family Central Law. 
Finally, as a reminder our general office number is: 587-392-7970 and our general email is:, and we continue to check both daily and we re-assure you that your correspondence is reaching our team. 
Stay safe and healthy!
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