Limited Scope Retainers

Limited Scope Retainers

A client does not need to be faced with uncertainty or run-away legal costs and often clients can be best served by a limited scope retainer rather than a retainer that has no little defined parameters for the legal services be provided.

But what does a limited scope retainer mean?  When initiating a legal service, a client can confirm they are hiring a lawyer for specific performance of an activity which may include but not limited to:

·         Drafting of an engagement or demand letter;

·         Meetings with review of pleadings and documents with advice and written legal opinions;

·         Representation in court;

·         Completion of legal documents, including: a Last Will and Testament, Personal Directive, Power

          of Attorney, Cohabitation Agreement and Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement.

In limited scope retainers the legal service typically would last for the duration of that legal service with the client-solicitor relationship automatically ending.  A further client-solicitor legal relationship would typically also mean another retainer agreement on either a limited or full-service basis with defined legal services being provided or a broad retainer agreement that is full-scope in nature.

Clients should expect when signing a limited scope retainer to have a clear expectation of the costs associated with their legal services, they are requesting be completed for them.  The ‘limited’ component of the retainer is of course just that, clients may want to go outside of the scope of the retainer and it is up to the client and the lawyer to set expectations as to what is being completed and the involvement of the lawyer after the completion of set outcomes and how broad and in-depth that legal service is intended on being.

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