Separating in September and Getting it Right

Separating in September and Getting it Right

Separating in September and Getting it Right

September with children returning back to school can often signal significant change in a family household.  With the summer ending, clients often look to a change in their lives, which may mean structuring a separation at a busy time for a family while worrying about the need to safeguard the important aspects of family life:

1. Keeping communication cool, calm and collected in the household;

2. That rash / impulsive decisions are avoided where at all possible; and  

3. The focus of decision making is on your children, and your own emotional and financial stability. 

In family law when speaking with a client who is contemplating separation, the first few steps (or missteps), are critical in the success for that party and avoiding pitfalls that can be costly and emotionally distressing.   

A client can be misled by reading material online or by hearing a recollection of a friend’s separation, and may make the decision that their separation mirrors what they have heard or read.  As a result, important decisions flow, but do not have the same context and then a client often can be extremely upset that their situation did not yield the same results. 

This is why whether you are looking to retain a lawyer for the entire of your separation, or just to receive independent legal advice, even one meeting where your particular situation can be talked about in depth at the commencement of a separation, can result in a far better outcome for a client.  At Family Central Law, we do not believe in pressuring clients in retaining us when a client may only want to know their rights and potential obligations without having to fully commit to a separation or divorce.  Rather, many clients that walk through our doors are just looking for guidance without making an immediate decision.  

Give yourself the opportunity to start off on a path to success. Make the first few critical steps if you are contemplating a separation from your spouse by getting advice from a trusted and caring lawyer at Family Central Law Office.  Contact us today by calling: 587-392-7970 or by emailing:

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