For family law matters, many people’s first concern is how they are going to avoid attending Court.  It can be scary, expensive and not look anything like what people expect from television.  At Family Central Law office, while our lawyers do attend court with clients, we can also offer the following:

1.            Collaborative Law--   Where the clients and the lawyers work together with their jointly retained professional to help the couple achieve a settlement together.  The parties sign a contract which confirms that they will not attend court and should they be required to leave the collaborative process, they will need to retain new counsel and professionals. [link Collaborative website]

2.            Mediation/ Arbitration—both Alison and Nicholas are trained mediators who can facilitate settlement between the parties both with and without the assistance of counsel.  Family Central Law Office’s lawyers are also trained to assist parties in mediation.  Parties can further confirm that they will not attend Court by choosing to have the matter arbitrated as well. 

3.            Negotiation – Lawyers will refer to “four way settlement meetings” which is exactly how it sounds.  Counsel and their clients will discuss the matter going forward with all four parties participating.  Unlike Collaborative law, the parties and their counsel will put forward their own personal based interests and will likely be more positional.  

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