Looking for a Mediator in Calgary?

Looking for a Mediator in Calgary?

Calgary Mediation Experts: Your Key to Conflict Resolution

Other than the decision to divorce itself, there is no single more important decision than choosing a divorce mediator qualified to handle your divorce.

One of our founding partners is also a lawyer, mediator and arbitrators, and can conduct at our Calgary Office mediations and arbitrations with clients that have lawyers as their legal representation as well clients who are looking for a mediator and do not have their own lawyers. Please contact Alison J. Chickloski today to retain her as your professional and skilled mediator/arbitrator.

The mediator you choose will play a critical role in:

  • How well your divorce, custody matter, or separation goes from both a financial and emotional standpoint;
  • How thorough your agreement is;
  • How likely you'll need to return to court in the future;
  • How fair and equitable your settlement will be.

So instead of simply searching looking for a mediator in Calgary - seek out the best mediator to help you.  Your file and your family is different from everyone else and the professional you chose will make all the difference in how peaceful and cost-effective your divorce will be and possibly how fair, thorough and child-focused your agreement will be.

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Family Central prides itself as a family law boutique with lawyers who appear in Provincial Court, Court of Queen’s Bench, and the Court of Appeal.  We attend settlement meetings, draft agreements, and also will attend mediation and arbitrations.

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